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El Cielito Café


Culture in every cup.

El Cielito Café is a specialty coffee house dedicated to blending artisan coffee with the culture of Latin America.


Flavors as diverse as our lands

From the perfect roast to the refine recipes, we bring flavors across Latin America for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy a variety of drinks, including the traditional Café de Olla or our one-of-a-kind Champulatte.


A sense of home in every cup

We strive to represent our people, lands, and cultures in everything we do—and it starts from the source. A strong foundation for our coffee allows us to become a strong foundation for our communities.


Custom Cielito Wallpapers


Enjoy some custom-made Cielito wallpapers For your devices. Updated Periodically and always free!


Pride of our people. Pride in our hearts.

Show your love and support for what we believe in every day. Our El Cielito merchandise is available in-store, with online availability getting ready and coming soon.