El Cielito Café Chatbot

We'll be upgrading our current chatbot to become more responsive to more questions. Ask any question other users might ask and let us know what you think! Have any feedback regarding the chatbot? Send us your opinion!

El Cielito Café Skill on Amazon Alexa

Have an Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app on your phone? Do you need some quick answers regarding El Cielito Café? This is for you! We're working on the El Cielito Café skill for Amazon Alexa, bringing chatbot-like features to this voice assistant. If you want to try it out, Fill out the form below!

P.S. We require your email for us to invite you into the beta-testing.

El Cielito Café en Español

Although anyone has access to the Spanish version of our website, we want to know how it compares to our main English site. Any information missing/outdated? Bad translation? Your own suggestions? Let us know! (Due to current changes in our English site, we will be disabling our Spanish website for the time being.)

El Cielito Café Online Shop

This will be our online marketplace for roasted coffee, apparel, and other items as time progresses. This section of our website is live but still under construction and no feedback will be received until we have more parts set up and ready to test.

Come back soon to leave feedback!