Uniquely Latin American.

Lush, diverse lands make up what is known as Latin America. Fertile lands spread across many countries, and vibrant coffee calls it home. From flavorful fruit to rich chocolate, you can experience the flavors of our homeland in every sip of our coffee made with passion and love.

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Influenced on tradition.

Latin America is filled with cultures and tastes unique to itself. With that in mind, our mission has always been to blend artisan coffee with the culture of Latin America. With our unique drinks and welcoming environment, home has never felt so close.

Influencing a community.

Located in South Gate just one mile south of Huntington Park’s Pacific Blvd Commercial District, El Cielito Café is in a prominently Latino community. Whether it’s through art shows, donation drives, or poetry slams, we help those close to our doors and close to our hearts.