Redesigns and a Brief Message to All

We are pleased to announce a fresh, new presentation for El Cielito Café – an updated website and an updated logo. This fresh look fits closely with who we are and the path we are taking. With the shop being over two years old, a refresh of what was originally created seemed ready to evolve and continue to grow together with everything and everyone involved with us.


With the opening of El Cielito Café on June 2015, there were many paths that we could’ve taken. There was no reputation with us. No one knew who we were. The slate was a clean start. Thus started the birth of a new local coffee shop. With an owner and leader with such passion for all things coffee and community, there were many ideas of where to lead the team. Just like a path of dominoes, one thing led to another, constantly trying to improve ourselves and create a positive effect around us.

We are pleased with what has been done so far, but we are far from over. Every event hosted, every partnership created, every occasion celebrated, and every cup of coffee served is part of who we are and is a statement in what we believe. Without forgetting out Latin American roots, local artists, schoolchildren, bibliophiles, and everyday people from all walks of life can come over and feel welcome. This is just the beginning.

Our website has been redesigned and our logo has been refreshed, but we will never change who we are and what we work for.